Becky Ayres was on Radio Merseyside Recently Talking About The Liverpool Sound City 2019 Lineup!!

Liverpool Sound City 2019 Lineup Announcements!!

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The newly appointed Liverpool Sound City Managing Director, Becky Ayres, was recently on Radio Merseyside chatting about the success of Sound City in Liverpool and around the globe, as well as the current announced lineup for the 2019 festival!

Read on to find out more about Sound City 2019 in this article! There’s a load of information you need to know! So let’s get rockin’!

Liverpool Sound City 2019

The Sound City Festival has been going annually since 2008; Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture Year! Sound City has become the UK’s leading festival for new music (with many artists going on to be signed after the festival) and for the outstanding music industry conference, both of which, take place over a spectacular weekend in the world famous City of Liverpool.

During the 3 day festival a multitude of exciting installments take place! From the industry conference with speakers, panels, workshops and networking events to the street performances and the actual music festival itself; in which hundreds of established artists, alongside new and upcoming artists perform to thousands of ticket holders across quaint and quirky event spaces, to phenomenal venues such as the Liverpool Cathedral (which is the UK’s largest Cathedral!!) and the Liverpool Docklands!

Sound City 2019 is promising to be the most diverse lineup ever; with both established artists like pop singer Mabel and hip-hop musician Loyle Carner, to up-and-coming talent such as the dance/electronic group Benin City to the local Liverpool band SPQR.

On Radio Merseyside Becky said that as a festival they are actively evolving, they are consciously bringing in a variety of genres so that people can enjoy all styles of music in addition to the indie and alternative artists. There really is something for everyone to enjoy at the Sound City, the way it is set up with the sheer number of stages they have playing simultaneously enables you to really pick and choose which artists you want to go and listen to, it is pure brilliance!

When I visit Sound City, I always come away listening to new artists and styles of music that I hadn’t really considered before, this gave me the opportunity to open up to new music. I’ve often bought many CDs of people I’ve head from Sound City and just adored the almost dreamlike sounds and lyrics from bands such as Jagwar Ma, The Tea Street Band (from Liverpool), Kodaline and Jake Bugg to the likes of the adrenaline pumping Circa Waves, who are also from Liverpool.

Each year, you can apply to play at the festival. Many have used Liverpool Sound City as a gateway and launchpad to get into the music industry, from Liverpool’s rich heritage in music to the way Sound City cleverly combines the performance aspect of the festival with the networking, workshops and discussion panels at the conference where musicians can gain valuable information and meet people they NEED to KNOW.

Sound City 2019 is promising to be the most diverse lineup ever

Sound City.

The Sound City festival has international recognition and has had a vast selection of stars previously being successful applicants to play at the festival, including artists such as Ed Sheeran, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Grimes, Eliza and the Bear, Dan Croll, Christine & The Queens and tonnes more!

Gaining a spot at Sound City could really catapult you as an artist if you use the opportunity to immerse yourself in the festival; from performing in front of thousands of music fans that have traveled from far and wide to attend the festival, to making valuable connections in the industry conference.

My Proppa ‘Sound’ Experience in The ‘City’

D’ya get the pun?! Anyway, moving on… the Sound City Festival is one that I hold close to my heart, not just because it is an incredible experience as a festival, but also because I gained amazing experience actually working on a placement for Sound City 2014, which was EPIC!! I looked forward to going to the office each week! There was such excitement in the air, everyone there was super passionate about making an awesome festival for everyone to enjoy!

I felt honoured to work for Sound City. They had an amazing staff, with a relaxed vibe and a open plan working atmosphere; that environment complemented their ability to bounce creative ideas off one another in the office. I was also able to hear some of the brilliant music submissions to the festival. One of the many things that Sound City takes pride in (there’s so many!) is that they listen to the music of each artist that submits their work to play at the festival. If you want to apply to play at Sound City 2019 then get your submissions in soon as they will close at some point in the new year around January or February.

I was always excited to get into the office and get to work on awesome stuff! Then, when the actual festival took place I worked as a technical assistant at the conference in the Liverpool Hilton. It was a fab experience and I met a shed load of great people! It really was boss! Working alongside Becky Ayres when she was COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Founder Dave Pichilingi, alongside their team of really welcoming staff, was such an honour, the energy and vision they had was exceptional. I really did treasure my time at Sound City; how they embraced me as a proppa member of the team even though I was on work experience was just amazing. They wanted me to get something really valuable from my time with them, which I honestly can say I did like no other! It was an experience to remember.

The Sound City 2019 Lineup!

Sound City will be taking place in the Baltic Triangle Creative District of Liverpool City Centre, on the 3rd – 5th May 2019.
Here are just a few of the names in the fantastic lineup for the festival:

  • Mabel
  • Loyle Carner
  • Louis Berry
  • The Magic Gang
  • Our Girl
  • Ryan McMullan
  • Harry Miller
  • Cousin Kula
  • Dancing on Tables
  • + Many, MANY more!

Check out the Sound City Lineup on their official website to get a full list of acts!

On Radio Merseyside, Becky talked about an exciting new batch of artists being announced in January 2019, which will be brilliant as there is already a fantastic mix of artists in the lineup already.

The Sound City 2019 Festival is going to be one thing for sure, and that thing is… AMAZING! I actually can’t wait for it. There is something special about Sound City, it’s unlike any other festival. The sheer fact that it uses the urban aspect of Liverpool makes it so unique! Many other major festivals almost exclusively take place in countryside fields, the fact that Sound City is, well, city-based gives it that additional edge that you did not realise you missed until you experienced it.

There is something special about Sound City, it’s unlike any other festival

Peter Eric Lang

You can’t help but fall in love with Sound City, it cultivates community unlike any other festival does. It makes it about the people. It brings people together in intimate, urban and creative spaces that would not ever be considered by the likes of other massive festivals in the UK. Sound City really is an innovative leader in the music industry.

Get TICKETS and Follow Sound City on Social Media!!

Here’s where to find Liverpool Sound City:

Why not go ‘ed and give them a follow and while you’re at it, get yourself some early bird tickets too! ๐Ÿ˜„


You HAVE to go to Sound City 2019. It’s gonna’ be boss!

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