First it was the Viners.. Now it’s the Twitch Streamers… and for some reason, late night hosts?


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Streamers at the Ready!

YouTube took on countless Vine Refugees after the Great Vine Cutting of 2017, we’ve had a number of problems in the community with a disconnect from YouTube itself and the community. YouTube wants to, essentially, be mainstream media with Hollywood celebrities as the source of content. However, the point of YouTube is for independent creators to bring content to people in unique and creative ways.

Vine Rewind 2017 *cough cough* sorry, I meant YouTube Rewind 2017 was infested with Vine Refugees. With the likes of Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Liza Koshy and LeLe Pons *shudder*.

I must say however, Jake & Logan bring huge entertainment value and really have embraced and made YouTube their Home. The likes of Liza and Lele barely upload and focus more on Instagram, so I will count Jake and Logan as YTers, but not the likes of Lele and liza.

Here is a video of Rewind 2017 but every time there’s a Viner, their Vine is played 🤣


More and more YouTube Rewind dilutes it’s talent pool, dramatically. In 2017 there was about 300 people in the video, in 2018, there was only 100. Many of which were just simply not YouTubers, completely irrelevant (For example, Liza Koshy, did not upload a proper YouTube video since February… How is she relevant to 2018’s Rewind if she hasn’t been properly active as a creator for 10 months?! Even then, she was a Viner and only jumped boat when she had to) or YouTubers the majority of the community genuinely did not know.


YouTube Rewind 2018 was full of Twitch Streamers, which may I remind you, is ANOTHER website… why is YouTube promoting stars that do not even have YouTube as their primary platform for content creation? That does not even make business sense never mind sense for the community. They’re not YouTubers. Ninja is a Twitch Streamer, he does not stream on YouTube, yet he is given a massive part in the Rewind.

Hollywood gets more of a grasp over YouTube each year, making the platform even more corporate and unoriginal. The whole point of YouTube is for originality, that is why unoriginal, copycat ‘creators’ like Jinx were dismissed and pushed off the platform by both original creators that he was ripping off and the YouTube userbase as ‘creators’ like Jinx stood for unoriginality and the community did not want it.

By bringing mainstream media into the fold, who BTW do not like YouTubers, for example PewDiePie and Jake Paul (although we joke about JP, he embraces the meme and what would we do without him?! Jake is one of the most likable Viners, even though he still gets up to some pretty bad stuff at times, although it’s incomparable to the likes of what mainstream stars like Mark Wahlberg get up to and behave like).

Many media outlets are continuing to embarrass themselves with the blatant use of yellow journalism by trying to smear and talk down to YouTubers and internet communities by warping the facts and lying. Why are they so afraid of incredibly popular personalities such as PewDiePie? Because the likes of Pewds can pull millions of viewers each video; every single day; without even flexing a muscle. Whereas if a TV show gets a million views, it’s almost immediatly nominated for an Emmy.
YouTube as a company is loosing it’s soul by trying to run away from what it is, a platform for indie creators to showcase their talents to the world. Find your backbone YouTube, accept your place in the indie market (even though it’s so indie it’s mainstream, just in a different way compared to traditional media) and appreciate creators that have got you where you are, creators that helped put you on the map, creators that actually bring you money.

Here’s a tiny list of creators that YouTube sorta blacklists and ignore because YouTube as a company (despite what it’s community want) refuses to embrace original creators that are different and choose to side with yellow journalism media outlets (that smear YouTubers that aren’t from Hollywood):

  1. PewDiePie – 77 Millions Subscribers.
  2. JacksFilms – Almost 5 Million Subscribers.
  3. H3H3 Productions – Almost 11 Millions Subscribers Across 4 Channels.
  4. Mr. Beast – Almost 13 Million Subscribers.
  5. RiceGum – 13.2 Million Subscribers
  6. KSI – Almost 20 Million Subscribers.
  7. FaZe Clan – 5.5 Million Subscribers on Main Channel (Each FaZe Member has between 5 – 10 Millions Subscribers each).
  8. Ali-A – Almost 21 Million Subscribers.
  9. Tobuscus – Almost 15 Million Subscribers Across 3 Channels.
  10. Jake Paul – 17.5 Million Subscribers.
  11. Logan Paul – 23 Million Subscribers Across 2 Channels.
  12. Rooster Teeth – 35 Million Subscribers Across 12 Channels.
  13. Shane Dawson – 19 Million Subscribers.
  14. + Many, Many More!


YouTube doesn’t want to be YouTube. They want to be CBS……

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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