GamesCom 2019: How Inside Xbox Humiliated Josh Hart 😡

GamesCom 2019 Opening Night Live is a shambles with Inside Xbox

Inside Xbox GamesCom 2019
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GamesCom 2019: How Inside Xbox Humiliated Guest NBA star Josh Hart 😡

Like seriously, they must hate [Josh Hart] for some reason.

Upset Twitter user.

Inside Xbox at GamesCom 2019 have so far been childish, unprofessional and utterly cruel to professional NBA star Josh Hart to say the least.

This was just plain rude, unprofessional and cruel to Josh Hart. He did not deserve this and Xbox should be ashamed. He did not go on the show to be insulted like that and he deserved better. I don’t see how Inside Xbox can honestly think they are doing a good job and Xbox needs to take a not that hard look at the level of unprofessional behaviour in IX and deal with it.

The Josh Hart “interview”

The Inside Xbox presenter though it would be funny to mock Josh Hart for getting a rating of 76 in the 2K20 video game. This interview and the way it was conducted was completely unnecessary and I must say that I am disappointed in Xbox for allowing this to happen.

This behaviour has not gone unnoticed and people on Twitter are letting Xbox know they’re not happy.

Here are some of the many upset people at Inside Xbox’s behaviour

Yes, they are going hard on the cringe, and it hurts

Going hard on the cringe I see

Yes, it would seem from that uncomfortable performance that the Inside Xbox presenter does not like Josh Hart one bit…

Like seriously, they must hate him for some reason

Exactly, what is the point of this interview? To humiliate him?

What was the point of this?

This is so awful, Inside Xbox should be ashamed.

So awful

I worry that Inside Xbox think that they haven’t done anything wrong.

That feeling someone gets when they just want to disappear

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