Liverpool Radio Stations: Great Local Stations you can Tune into!

Liverpool is Radio City! ๐Ÿ˜›

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There are a variety of radio stations you can tune into in Liverpool City, here are just a few of them!

Radio City

The famous Radio City serves the Liverpool Region, Cheshire and North Wales! The independent radio station has been serving the city for over 40 years! It first aired on the 21st of October in 1974!

Radio City is based in the incredible St. Johns Beacon (Also Known As Radio City Tower) that was built in 1969 and opened by Queen Elizabeth II. The Tower is 138 meters tall (452 feet) and was the tallest skyscraper in Liverpool until West Tower finished completion. Radio City Tower is the 32nd tallest building in the UK!! ๐Ÿ˜›

The station forms part of the Hits Radio Network. You can expect to find upbeat music, news, sport and great talk shows including breakfast and drive time shows.

Radio City Frequency:

FM: 96.7 MHz & DAB

BBC Radio Merseyside

This Liverpool institution has been entertaining the Liverpool Region for more than 50 Years!! With local legends like Tony Snell, Linda McDermott & Sean Styles entertaining us morning, noon and night!

Radio Merseyside brings you local news, sports, music and a wide variety of talk shows that integrate the Liverpool community brilliantly; hosting phone-ins with new and regular callers and weekly competitions such as the fantastic Scouse Nous(e) (RIP!! Aaaaah! WHY TONY?! WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU STOP IT?!?!), but don’t worry, Snelly replaced it with an equally great segment! ๐Ÿ˜›

Radio Merseyside Frequency:

FM: 95.8 MHz & DAB

Capital Radio Liverpool

This Liverpool based radio station has been serving the city since 1998. The station broadcasts across Merseyside and both West Cheshire and West Lancashire. It was previously known as Juice FM however relaunched with the Capital Radio branding in 2016. Capital Liverpool brings you all of the latest hit songs and up-to-date news!

Capital Liverpool Frequency:

FM: 107.6 MHz & DAB.


Go check out Radio City, Radio Merseyside and Capital Radio Liverpool!

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