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“Mark ASS Brownlee” on Why YouTube Rewind 2018 is Getting So Much Stick!

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In the wise words of Will Smith, “Mark Ass Brownlee” has something to say. Is this what you wanted?!?!

Check out Marques Brownlee’s video that I’ve embedded below in which he breaks down and talks in a very clear manner about why this year’s YouTube Rewind bombed beyond belief!

Here’s Marques Brownlee’s video where he very articulately discusses YouTube Rewind in a simplistic, non-bias (which we adore) way that everyone from all sides can understand.

It’s so spot on. YouTube Rewind is such a vast disconnect from it’s own userbase is almost comical, yet it fury-inspiring at the same time. People across the net are cringing, angry, in stitches and upset all at once… it’s unbelievable, I swear you couldn’t write these things.

There are so many people achieving great things on YouTube, the problem is the way YouTube actually executed the video. The production value is high, like super high – which you’d expect with a multi-million dollar budget, however it comes across as cringy and disconnected. It is so disingenuous and out of touch with it’s customers!

Here’s the fantastic click where PewDiePie does some research into who exactly Mark Ass Brownlee is.

And here is the wildly unpopular YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind itself, it’s such as cringy watch… I’m getting secondhand embarrassment!

It such a disconnect from it’s actual audience, it’s unreal.


Marques chats about why Rewind tanked, and he’s spot on!

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Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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