Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Daily Routine That Makes Him Feel Superior To Everyone Else…

Mark Whalberg is trying to be superior to everyone else. Just no.

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Mark Wahlberg recently talked about his taxing “daily routine” which consists of essentially praying, eating, doing a bit of a workout and then sleeping very early in the evening… because he got up at 2:30 in the MORNING!!!!!!

What on earth is he doing? Like, are you for real Mark?! This is just insanity?! How can you keep this madness up?! Unless you did this occasionally and just think this it what you do each day? YOU ARE SPENDING ALMOST 6 HOURS A DAY EATING! THAT IS 355 MINUTES EATING! Is this some kind of sick joke?!

BTW, how can you be spending time with your family as you take business calls and sit in meetings?! What on earth? How do you not see your family for 8 and a half hours after waking up… that’s an entire day Mark? What are you doing? Are you trying to prove something?! Goodness me!

Just gotta love the way he has to underline “workout #2” like its heroic. I know lots of people who work out twice a day. Get over yourself.

Do not even get me started on your hour in a Cryo Chamber to recover from praying, golfing, showering and then spending an hour and a half snacking! What is EVEN WORSE is that after the Cryo Chamber Recovery, you go and snack for another 30 MINUTES!!! before you even spend quality time with your family whilst you take business calls and meetings. You really are multi-talented Mark! 😂

Do you realise you are not Master Chief? He has the right to go into a Cryo Chamber, he has a hard day saving the Universe, you’ve quite literally gone into Cryo Chamber Recovery after snacking for an hour and a half!

This is funny to laugh at on the surface, but it does in many ways fit into a darker big picture of celebrities in Hollywood making normal people feel like they are not good enough. You only have to look at Kim Kardashian marketing diet suppressant lollipops to teenage girls or ridiculous magazine front covers on magazines like Cosmo with headlines like “the overachieving millennial” when talking about Hailee Steinfeld… to me, that’s not empowering, that just makes me feel like garbage that I’m not as good as her or “overachieving” in my life. To me, that headline is aiming to make me feel that way. Cosmo want me to know she’s my age and LOOK where she’s at in life! What have you done? Just like what the New York Post asked millennials what they’re doing with their lives when Kylie Jenner is a “self-made” billionaire at 20.

This Type of Behaviour really is Unacceptable

Mark has played so many hero roles, does he now believe that he is an actual super soldier? I think he must think so after his phenomenally disgusting and disrespectful comments the other year about how ‘he would have stopped the terrorists on 9/11 and landed the plane safely’ if he was on the plane at the time.

This type of attention-grabbing antics and behaviour from celebrities who are supposed to be role models is so totally unacceptable. They try to act better than other people; coming up with stupid schedules like this to make out that normal people are wasting their lives as they’re not waking up at 2:30 am to, you know, snack… and that when a nightmarish situation arises they basically didn’t try hard enough to survive. It really is so insulting.

He seems to have come up with this “daily routine” thinking that he was godlike by “achieving” such a schedule of… LITERALLY nothing. Mark, your day is filled with absolutely nothing! You achieve nothing in a day with a ridiculous schedule like that!
Right, so Mark is a “very busy actor”, if this is what he is doing EVERY single day. Then when is he doing his actual job, you know? Acting…

Mark, you look like you’ve got a lot of muscle but come on! This cannot, CANNOT, be your DAILY routine!! Apart from members of the clergy, who spends half an hour each day praying?!?! SERIOUSLY? No offence if you do actually pray for some extended time each day, there is no problem with that, honestly, I wish I had your dedication to some degree… but to be doing at 2:45 AM!! What on earth?!

He is just doing this to try and make others feel bad, so he feels he is superior to them.


Mark is acting disgracefully and being utterly imbecilic. What is he even doing? Get real Mark.

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