Netflix’s “YOU” Is Proper Freaky! This TV Show Is Leaving Me Sooo Paranoid! (BTW There’s SPOILERS)

Joe you're so sweet, yet, so phenomenally disturbing!

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Joe you’re so sweet, yet, so phenomenally disturbing!

Right, so “YOU” is an amazing TV series that is utterly horrifying at the same time! I’m now so paranoid that I am never leaving my bedroom again… or opening my blinds for that matter! You think I’m joking?! WRONG! I’m deadly Serious!! 😟

So what’s all tha fuss about?!

“YOU” is stylish, sophisticated and proppa scary! The plot focuses around Joe, a book store manager, and his instant infatuation with Beck, a writing student, as soon as he lay eyes on her. The story goes along the lines of Joe stalking Beck around New York and doing his best to insert himself into her life, whilst removing others that are close to her…

I lose myself in the show, I feel like I’m there. The portrayal of the characters is so real that you genuinely fall for Joe… you know, that stalker! He is such a nice guy but he’s just so messed up at the same time. He really wants to be what’s best for Beck yet rather that being natural and enjoy finding out things about each other organically, he stalks her online, watches her from outside her place, follows her around NYC and steals her phone (which Beck thinks she just simple lost) so he can then sync the data with her new phone and read all her messages. He goes to ridiculous lengths to follow her yet he thinks that all of the people around her are mental and have serious issues.

I’m roughly on the 7th episode of 10 and I can’t wait to continue watching it between each interval! It is so gripping!


Netflix’s “YOU” is ridiculously creepy! You should watch it! 😝

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