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Panda Opens Door! Watch Adorable Panda Try To Open A Door!

Watch an adorable panda try and open a door!

Adorable Panda Opening Door
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Panda opens door. That’s all I have to say. Because we have possibly found THE most adorable panda in the whole world. Prepare for cuteness overload!

The Original Panda Clip

Adorable panda trying to open a door.

This is one of the most adorable things I think I have ever seen a panda do!! It is just TOO cute! As the panda tries to open the large human sized door by himself, one of his keepers opens the door from the other side, with him still clinging onto the hatch.

Looping Panda Opens Door

We thought we would also share the GIF on Reddit as well because who doesn’t want to see that fluffy little fella having that door opened for him on loop?

Reddit has gone wild over this exceptionally cute panda because who would’t go crazy for him?

The way that the little panda clasps his front paws on the door’s hatch and then spreads his legs and firmly places both of his back paws against the door, ready to give a good pull to open it. After a good two tugs the little cutie gets a shock when his keeper opens the door with him still attached!! 🤣

For more of the cutest things on the internet, check out our CUTE tag!! From cats and dogs to llamas, pandas and other incredible wild animals! 😍

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