PewDiePie Is Married!! Congrats Pewds! Here’s The Pictures!


PewDiePie is Married
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This is possibly the happiest news I’ve heard all day! And I’ve had a lot of happy news! PewDiePie got married!! CONGRATS!!!

The king of the internet has married the love of his life, Marzia!!! Check out his wonderful Tweet announcing his incredible news below.

PewDiePie has married Marzia!!

PewDiePie Tweeting about his incredible news.

I’m so happy for them! PewDiePie and Marzia deserve all of the happiness in the world!

Here’s the beautifully cute wedding photos!!

Here is Marzia and Felix walking back up the isle with a couple of famous faces that people have noticed including Roomie, Boyinaband and JackSpeticEye.

Pewds and Marzia walking up the isle
PewDiePie walking back up the isle with Marzia, now a married man! (Credit: PewDiePie.)

Look at Pewds, he’s so happy! You can see his frequent collaborators and music makers Roomie and Boyinaband can be seen in the photo! Look closely on the right of the isle! You’ll also get a sneak peak of JackSepticEye!

Here are the wonderful Felix and Marzia posing for some gorgeous wedding photographs.

PewDiePie is and Marzia
PewDiePie and the love of his life, Marzia, posing for wedding photographs
(Credit: PewDiePie) .

Pewds and Marzia posing for some beautiful wedding photographs.

PewDiePie and Marzia posing for photographs
PewDiePie and Marzia posing for wedding photographs (Credit: PewDiePie).

Felix looking into his wife’s eyes.

PewDiePie looking into Marzia's eyes
PewDiePie looking into his wife, Marzia’s eyes (Credit: PewDiePie) .

PewDiePie Married! The internet is set ablaze and everyone is congratulating the happy couple!

PewDiePie and Marzia look genuinely happy together in such a heartwarming way. It has set the internet ablaze and has received congratulations from a number of high profile YouTubers and even YouTube themselves.

The happy couple married in Kew Gardens, London and have had the perfect for it. The British Summer time really has held up for them, allowing them to have a rain-free and sunny wedding.

We wish Felix and Marzia the happiest of times! They really do deserve all of the happiness they can get! โค๏ธ

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