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The Stranger Things 3 Poster Are Here: Yaaas! Breaks Them Down!

Yaaas! breaks down the Stranger Things 3 Posters! Here's what we found!

Stranger Things 3 Posters by Yaaas
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The Stranger Things 3 posters for the Netflix Original TV series have been released and people are freaking out! First of all STEVE!!!! The best character in Stranger Things, well alongside with Hopper, Joyce and Dustin, however Steve Harrington does take the lead for us!

The Stranger Things 3 posters are looking stylised, gritty and intense. These posters alone are getting us EXCITED!! ๐Ÿ˜†

Steve Harrington Poster

Steve Harrington Stranger Things 3 Poster

Steve one of the series’s iconic, standout characters. He is the coolest with the epic gewr he rocks and is lovable with his deep, complicated and relatable personality. We are incredibly tense in every fight Steve is in, please stay safe Steve! MORE OF STEVE IN STRANGER THINGS 3 PLEASE!!! ๐Ÿ™

Dustin Henderson Stranger Things 3 Poster

Dustin Henderson Stranger Things 3 Poster

We found that Dustin and Steve were brilliantly close in Stranger Things 2 and we hope that this endearingly awesome relationship continues into Stranger Things 3 ๐Ÿคž

Chief David Hopper Poster

Chief David Hopper Stranger Things 3 Poster

Hopper is epic! Let the legend continue!

Joyce Byers Poster

Joyce Byers Stranger Things 3 Poster

Joyce had a harrowing Season One with Will’s disappearance; and a traumatic Season Two with Will’s further issues and the distressing incidents with her boyfriend Bob Newby played by the amazing Sean Astin. Let’s hope Joyce has a less stressful Season Three!

Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler Stranger Things 3 Poster

Mike has always had a a nice relationship with Eleven, let’s hope that their friendship continues!

Lucas Sinclair Poster

Lucas Sinclair Stranger Things 3 Poster

Lucas Sinclair is awesome and we look forward to seeing what else he has going on in Season 3!

Will Byers Poster

Will Byers Stranger Things 3 Poster

Will has been through a lot in the past two seasons and we can see it getting any better for him sadly!

Eleven Poster

Eleven Stranger Things 3 Poster

Eleven has had a lot of awesome action across the previous two seasons, apart from that one awful Eleven exclusive episode. Let’s hope we get to see more of her skills in action!

Billy Hargrove Poster

Billy Hargrove Stranger Things 3 Poster

Billy’s bullying antics were enlightened when a scene in Season Two showed his Dad engaging with him in an intense, aggressive way. We just hope Billy can see the light and join Steve’s side to stop the Demigorgons!

Jonathan Byers Poster

Jonathan Byers Stranger Things 3 Poster

Jonathan is a rather slick character and we’re excited to see his character develop even more!

Nancy Wheeler Poster

Nancy Wheeler Stranger Things 3 Poster

Nancy has had a lot of adventures in the previous two seasons and we hope that we get to see her in combat some more in Stranger Things 3!

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