Xbox Games Pass: 50% off 6 Months Subscription!!! Here’s How To Get The Offer!!

Xbox Games Pass for 50% Off!!!

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Offers as good as this don’t come around very often, especially for the Xbox Games Pass, so I would highly recommend extending your Subscription. ๐ŸŽฎ

Here is how to get 6 Months of Xbox Games Pass for only ยฃ23.97, That’s 50% DISCOUNT!!!

From what I am aware, this 50% discount offer is only available if you are wanting to extend your membership, HOWEVER!! If you sign up for only ยฃ1 for your first month, you are then a Games Pass Subscriber. So you should then be eligible to get the offer to extend your Game Pass Subscription!!

If you subscribe for a quid for your first month of Games Pass, on the Xbox Console Home Dashboard there should appear in one of the panels a 50% DISCOUNT!! Click it and it’ll take you to the Game Pass in the Marketplace, it will offer you to extend for one month, click on the One Month option and it will give you a drop down menu, select the 6 Months Offer.

Once you have selected the 6 Months deal, click “Extend” and it will take you to the payment options, add or use your saved payments!!

There you go, you’ll get 6 Months of Xbox Games Pass added to your accounts Membership for only ยฃ23.97 rather than the normal ยฃ47.94!!!


You’re going to have to read the article if you want to save ยฃ24!!! ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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